I am trying to construct a flash card set to go with Garrett/DeLoach's Grammar for Biblical Hebrew. If anyone knows of such a set already created, please let me know.
In the meantime, I am having problems locating flash cards in the hotvoc set. My first problem was finding the noun "judge". It turns out there is no card for this word since it is a participle form of the verb. Such is the case with the word for "enemy". Since these are common enough forms, I thought it would be helpful to have separate cards.
But now I am looking for the word for "wall" (chomah) and I am coming up blank for the entire hebrew root.
This is becoming aggravating since I use this flash card feature to find sample verses with the students' vocabulary--a very helpful feature in BW. If I create a new flash card myself, is there a way to have it help find the samples verses in the Bible?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.