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Thread: WBC - Logos Word Biblical Commentary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan Boston View Post
    Thanks, this works great. I used this code to make Logos open to the verse I'm on in BW in the ESV in Logos and it works wonderfully.
    I thought this was working for WBC but I was wrong. It keeps openning up the bible instead of my WBC collection. Oh well, my program works good enough.

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    Default WBC Sale extended

    Due to our discussion the WBC the FBWBC coupon had been reactivated for a few more days so you can get the entire WBC-59 for just $399.95. Get it while it is hot!

    Web only, no phone orders:
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    PS: I have no affiliation with Logos.

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    It includes A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith? Reymond's? I don't get that. I mean, it'd certainly sweeten the pot; it's a terrific theology. Odd fit, though a Reformed, inerrantist theology paired with such a neo-, theologically wobbly, Fullerian series.

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    Default Linking WBC in Logos with BibleWorks

    I'm a very new user of BibleWorks (couple of days!) so there may be more elegant ways of linking WBC in Logos (Libronix) with BibleWorks - but following has worked for me.

    1. Link all WBC commentaries together using Resource Association (parallel) function in Logos.
    2. Save a single WBC commentary (any) in a Logos Workspace plus a linked bible (I've used NRSV).
    3. Use the preset Logos - Bible option in 'External Link Manager' (BW) as the way into Logos - it will need to be same bible version as in 2 (above) (I think it is was originally set as KJV but I've changed it to NRSV). Once Logos has been opened via this facility (right/left use of mouse over a verse reference in BW - this will initially open up the bible but not the workspace in Logos) you will then need to open the saved Workspace in Logos.
    4. Once Workspace has been opened from this stage onwards left-clicking over a verse reference in BW followed by right clicking on the appropriate reference in resultant drop down menu in BW will get you to relevant verse in WBC any where in collection. You can then keep changing to different parts of WBC collection by single right/left use of mouse in BW.

    If anyone knows of a more efficient approach would be pleased to hear!


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    Default Linking WBC in Logos with BibleWorks

    With respect to my previous message I should have mentioned that intially I tried using the suggestion made earlier in the discussion thread but like another contributer I found it didn't work - all it did was open up my Bible - my solution works for me in getting me anywhere in WBC collection but as stated there may be more efficient ways of doing this.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Joan Korte View Post
    Hi Jamie,

    I guess links we make depend on our method of study. Typically, when I study after my lexicon work, I then move to commentaries. So, I just made an external link from BWorks to Logos commentaries search and then I do a search on my collection of NT commentaries or OT commentaries. Just my way of doing it. God Bless
    Please, Joan, can you tell me how to make the external link to Logos Commentaries search? I use Logos 4. Thank you for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felix Brito View Post
    Please, Joan, can you tell me how to make the external link to Logos Commentaries search? I use Logos 4. Thank you for your help.
    Hi Jamie,
    It is a little different (or more like a lot) in Logos 4 v. Libronix. The method I devised is all based on collections of commentaries. For example, in Logos 4 I grouped NT commentaries into several groups such as Exegetical, Critical, Expository, Homiletical. Whichever way works for you given that you do not put the same commentary set in more than one group. The reason for that is that when you make your collections in Logos 4, I checked the box "Show In Parallel Resources" (it is inline following the box you type the name of your commentary). The logic is to make use of parallel resources once you have jumped from BibleWorks to Logos. Into each of my particular collections, I placed a one volume "commentary" such as Net Bible Notes, that is versified with a lot of verses because you will use that particular resource in BibleWorks when you make your external link. If I picked a one volume commentary that only mentioned a few verses per chapter, then it would not work in BibleWorks with a verse you had selected to study in Logos. It would not exist in your linked book. (I hope this all makes sense). Once I found the book, e.g. Net Bible Notes, I would ensure that it is in my commentary collection. Then, I move to BibleWorks to set up the external link.

    Now in BibleWorks in the Edit External Links, my link looks like this:
    Name:  Capture.JPG
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    The complete line of "File to open" reads as follows:

    libronixdls:keylink|ref=[en]bible:<book>%20<chapter>%3A<verse>|res=LLS:2.0.102 6

    I enable that link and selected OK. When I am using BibleWorks if I want to jump to Logos 4 NT Crit Commentaries, I highlight John 14:6 in BibleWorks, right click and select Net Notes-NT Crit which is what I named the link and then Logos 4 opens to that verse in Net Bible Notes. Once I am there, I can scroll through my parallel resources to find the other commentaries I put in that collection.

    Keeping in mind that you get the unique resource address from its information panel in Logos 4 when the resource is open. If I can help you any more, I would be happy to. It took hours of fiddling around but it paid off!!

    And this method forces you to become really familiar with your commentary groupings. The more difficult part was finding one volume commentaries that were well-versified for each collection. I can help you with that, too, if you need it.
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