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Thread: The Cost of BibleWorks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adelphos View Post
    Yes it did, and even though you got that one right, yes, your mind is playing tricks with you.
    Well, at least it ain't playing hooky.

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    I stand by my repeated statement to students looking to purchase Bible software:

    There's no bigger exegetical bang for your buck than BibleWorks!
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    While the chart is appreciated, I can tell you that I don't need much marketing data to convince me of the unparalleled value of BW. Count me in the number of those who wonder how you guys even pay the bills.

    I try and turn as many of my pastor friends on to BW as I can. In fact, just today I had the opportunity of showing a fellow pastor some of the ways BW searches for info in the NT Greek--compared to his (a competitor) Bible software, and he was floored. Hopefully, it will result in another sale for the BW crew.

    Blessings and kudos to Mike and the staff for helping to make the work of exegesis a truly joyous task.

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to BibleWorks, in fact, I'm new to electronic Bible study. I'm a 49 year old Software Engineer (25 years) and until a couple months ago I was a hardcore "written word" study guy. I got into E-Sword via Dr. Chuck Missler, and once I started, I couldn't get enough. Then came theWord, but I found they weren't taking me as far as I wanted to go, linguistically, that's when I found BibleWorks. I was a little leary of spending that much $ on Bible analysis software (I guess I'm a little cheap), but the reviews were too numerous and too positive to ignore. I've only had it installed for a couple of days, so my "study" experience with it is still very minimal, but from the programming end I can't believe how much is there for the $...if I had seen this software before hearing the $ I would have guessed it was over $1000! The people at BibleWorks have done a fine job in my opinion, and that's just from the application side. I've viewed a number of the training videos and with each one am just amazed at how much analytical power has been incorporated for the $. Thanks BibleWorks, keep up the good work!

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    Thumbs up The philosophy of ministry!

    Many of us appreciate the sincere effort you have made to make BW available for missionaries and pastors of small churches and others in low income ministry. I purchased BW and a computer to run it on in 1992 (or '93, v. 2) and it was a huge sacrifice by my family. But over the years it has proved worth it. Not only did you hold the line on price, but you realized that many of us ran ancient hardware and you kept BW compatible with it. Also worthy of notice is the overall BW philosophy of Bible study software with focuses on providing the user with the most bang for the buck rather than selling endless additional products--another example of the ministry verses business approach of BW. This does not even mention the fact of all the personal attention to minor bug fixes and free updates. Wow! Our prayer over the years has been that God would reward you greatly. Thanks so much.

    To save money I have switched to Linux and run BW in wine and in VirtualBox with an old Win 2000 license. The money saved there allowed me to get BW 8 and it is worth every penny.
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    Thanks for the kind words. I hope that BibleWorks helps to you to do the Lord's work!

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    Default Bible Works value

    This software is truly worth every penny. As a seminary student I find the tools in this program to be quite helpful, especially the audio of the Greek. It makes it quite helpful.

    My thanks to the Bibleworks team for their hard work!

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