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Thread: Come on in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howard Flynn
    It looks like we are all junior members. At first I thought this has something to do with one's age, but apparently not. What is a junior member?
    From the Vbulletin documentation:

    The user title manager allows you to set up a 'ladder' of titles that can be applied to users based on the number of posts they have made.

    For example, when a user registers he may be given the title 'Junior Member', then when that user has made 100 posts he could be granted the user title 'Senior Member'.

    The numbers of posts required to climb each 'rung' of the ladder, and the actual titles given are entirely up to you.
    It's actually a pretty standard way of doing things on forums, you can tell at a glance who posts regularly on a given forum and is thus probably more familiar with the given topic at hand. Of course that's a generalization but that's the idea.

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    Smile memberships

    How about just age to qualify? I might be overqualified to advance!
    Just because someone talks a lot does not make one a genius.
    Just because I am a member of AARP, does not qualify me for Social Security.
    I don't mind being a junior member ---I might be less accountable for my ignorance. :-)

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    Hi to all the older ones,

    I'm 68 years old and have been using computers, less see now, I forgot. But my first one was a Timex Sinclair, with a Z-80 processor and it used CPM as a language. I started to program in D-Base then I went to a Commadore 64, then to a 128, that was back to CPM. Since all that I've been on the PC. I was trying to make a machine run in multi-tasking. Everone I talked to that new more than I, which was many, said; "Can't be done"... Now look at all we can do without even thinking about it. I bet Michael started in DOS programing before he got into Windows and the new Visual languages used today.
    Jim T...........
    San Antonio, Texas

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    Default How Right you are...

    Quote Originally Posted by John M Krinke
    Just because someone talks a lot does not make one a genius.
    Proverbs 17:28 Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.

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    Hi All!

    The current ladder system is

    minimum 0 posts: Junior Member
    minimum 30 posts: Member
    minimum 100: Senior Member


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