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Thread: Linking BW8 to Libronix Gesenius Lexicon

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    Default Linking BW8 to Libronix Gesenius Lexicon

    Can somebody help me.

    I am trying to link BW 8 to Libronix Gesenius Lexicon.

    This is the link I am using, but this do not open the Lexicon on the lemma I am searching:

    // External Link #26
    [Logos Gesenius Lexicon]
    Operation = Open
    Directory = NULL
    File = libronixdls:macro|name=TextKeyLink|text=<dummy>|la ng=he|scheme=beta|res=LLS:GESENLEX
    Parameters = NULL
    MenuLocation = Browse Window Hebrew
    TextType = Hebrew Text
    MapToVersion = WTT
    Lookup = Lemma
    MenuText = Logos Gesenius Lexicon
    Enabled = 1

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    Default BW Hebrew lemma through ELM

    I think there is a problem sending Hebrew lemmas from BW. The last I played with it I couldn't figure out what it was sending. Also, one would need to know in what format Libronix expects to receive a Hebrew word (font character set, left to right or right to left, vowel pointing, etc.). Then of course it would depend to which lexicon entry the lemma is linked.
    (see )

    Eventually someone may understand it enough to write an intervening conversion script.

    Another approach would be to run the Libronix Exegetical Guide for a given verse. For a way to do that from BW see thread
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    sounds good to me

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