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Does anyone know or can take a guess regarding this question: how does the new BWW 8.0 "edition" of ECF compare with the one offered by www.logos.com (a company notorious for typos) and the online one at www.ccel.org/fathers.html (2nd Ed.)?

We now have three ECFs to choose from, and it would be nice to know which of the three has the fewest errors (through scanning, OCR-ing, etc.). Just curious.
I would expect - I do not have access to it - that the Logos edition is formatted and content coded in a strict way, also behind the scenes. It should integrate nicely with all the other Logos resources. This requires quite a lot of work. Whether this is worth the price for it, each potential buyer has to decide for himself. If you need to search for Greek and Hebrew words, then perhaps the Logos edition is necessary? Then again, if you really want to work with the Greek and Hebrew, then you would have to use the critical original language editions anyway, wouldn't you?

The CCEL edition is fine, but it does not integrate in BibleWorks or Logos. If you have purchased BibleWorks, then ECF is available for free. The Logos edition is $250, 2/3 of the price for the whole BW8 package. Amazing!