After a lot of work and beta testing, the updated Early Church Fathers (ECF) chm module is being posted this morning. It can be downloaded by going to the main BibleWorks menu and selecting Help | BibleWorks on the Internet | Check for updates. This is a free update for all BibleWorks 8 users.

Note: This is a very large download, about 90 megs in size.

Here are some of the changes that are made in this update:
--The name of the author and title appears in the Resource Summary Window.
--Significant enhancements were made to the navigation. The Table of Contents is significantly enhanced.
--The contents synchronizes with the Table of Contents.
--There is an expanded Table of Contents added, so that you can browse the Table of Contents to find what you want.
--A Highlights of the Early Church Fathers gives a list of popular writings in the ECF and lists some of the commentaries and homilies found in the ECF.
--The Scripture references are significantly enhanced. Many more references are tagged than before.
--The Greek and Hebrew fonts can be configured using the Unicode Export fonts setting in the Options Window.
--'Previous' and 'Next' navigation is added at the bottom of each page, to enable you to read from one page to the next more easily.
--Numerous typos were corrected.