I never met Col. Theime, nor was a taper. But I did pastor a church whose previous pastor was ordained at Berachah. Some of the people in the church were tapers. It was difficult sometimes to help them grow. They accepted various doctrines and weren't always able to grow from the Scriptures in the places where the Scriptures contradicted their theology or practice.

But I am thankful for the emphasis upon the Scriptures. They wanted the Word. Without going into many details of God's working, I became acquainted with BibleWorks because of the previous pastor. He bought BibleWorks (v.2.3c), and persuaded some in the congregation to buy BibleWorks. When I became the pastor, one of the members in the congregation traded BibleWorks to me for an Online Bible CD that I had. It was a good deal for both of us. That was my being of a relationship with BibleWorks. And now I am part of the team. God's plans have no time limit.