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Thread: version 7 vs. version 8

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    Default version 7 vs. version 8

    Has anyone found that version 8 is significantly easier to use on a Mac than Version 7? I have parallels and windows XP installed, and bibleworks7 installed over there, and it works, for the most part, but I seem to have lost the diagramming function in greek. (I never found it in Hebrew; not even when I was using a PC.)

    Also, I downloaded the Bibleworks fonts and have been able to use them in Microsoft Word for Mac (I bought Microsoft Office for Mac, having been a lifetime PC user) and they are mostly successful, but I can't get the superscripts (breathing marks, accents, etc) or the subscripts lined up with the appropriate letter. So the map doesn't seem to work.

    Has anybody else encountered these issues?

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    I don't have the answer to most of your questions; I don't use a Mac unfortunately, or fortunately. But I can tell you that there is no diagramming module for the Hebrew OT (neither for Mac nor for PC). There is none yet, at least! We can always hope one day ...

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    Default Differences between 7 and 8

    I'm using BW 8 on a MBP. I don't see a lot of difference running BW under Crossover. What works for you in 8 that didn't in 7?

    I export all the fonts to unicode which works great. I appreciate the thread about the greek typeface in BW 8 not looking as good as it did under 7. That seems true on my screen, but I always assumed that it was related to running BW under either Wine or Virtual Box.

    Still.....BW under Wine / Virtual Box beats the alternatives by a ways IMO!
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