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    Default Critical Apparatuses, Etc.

    Does anyone know where one could obtain the critical apparatuses of BHS, NA27, UBS4, etc. along with the Masorah Parva, etc. within a bible software package? It would preferably have the capability to decipher many of the symbols simply by hovering one's mouse over them. If I am correct, I don't believe BW currently has this or something like it available. I think Libronix sells an add-on module called SESB (Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible), however, it comes with an exorbitant $300 + price tag. I am looking for something much more affordable. I think the SESB probably comes with a lot of other databases and bells and whistles, which I'm not sure I would use, at least for a while. So, I'd be grateful if anyone can tell me what my options are for getting my hands on the critical apparatuses in electronic format.

    Hey, I just noticed this was my 100th post in the BibleWorks forums. I was kind of expecting fireworks or a drum roll to break out. Do the BW folks send out ribbons when you hit milestone posts like this?
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