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    Default Display Options

    I would like to find out if I have the following display options in BW7:
    1) toggle the display of verse numbers to show and to hide
    2) display of the verses in paragraphs rather than by verses


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    1) No
    2) No.
    The verse numbers are always displayed. The only two options are browse mode and multiple-version mode.
    However, BW7 does contain the RSV paragraph markings, which can be turned on or off. This will not get rid of the verse breaks, but it adds the paragraph character at the beginning of verses where the RSV editiors think a paragraph should begin.
    You can also choose to make a paragraph of your own. E.g. In multiple-version mode you can type "Joh 1:1-4" on the command line (without the quotations marks), and those four verses will display together in all your active display versions. But no version of BW to date contains the paragraph divisions of the various printed editions.
    Mark Eddy

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    Default Please display version-specific paragraphs

    I am a new user of BW8 (less than a month), and I'd have to add that I'm disappointed that I cannot read the various Bible versions (including original languages) with the paragraph divisions. Sure, I can enter a range and see the paragraph, but that requires that I know the paragraph ahead of time. I have found it very helpful to compare where various translations divide paragraphs, so missing this is unfortunate. In fact, I was taught to do this in my exegesis classes. of the reasons I purchased BW8 was to READ the Bible as I study it. So not having paragraphs is annoying, if nothing but for readability in English. (I don't want to always have a print copy with me.)

    I suspect the demand for this feature will only go up with time.

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    I sometimes feel this way when I am in a hurry, but other times I am pleased to be able to (have to) think about paragraph divisions on my own.

    So I guess I would side with an option to toggle such a feature on or off.


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