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Thread: agony with bwhebb ttf

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    Unhappy agony with bwhebb ttf

    I just upgraded from BW7 to BW8; all my previous BW upgrades have been pretty painless but this one is giving me fits. I set my fonts to truetype bwhebb and bwgrkl, same as all of my bazillion of documents already in existence. But when I try to cut-and-paste Hebrew (haven't tried Greek yet) I get square boxes for some of the characters in Word. The Hebrew text looks fine in BW. I thought maybe I had an outmoded version of bwhebb and bwgrkl, so I deleted them from my Windows font folder & downloaded & reinstalled fresh - made no difference. Then I tried doing my cut-and-paste to WordPad, and I get vertical lines where there were square boxes in Word, plus the font doesn't even look remotely the same.

    I use BW and Word for hours every day even though I only use a small subset of the features. I hope someone can advise me -- classes start in 2 weeks and I will never be ready if I have to spend days getting back to the skill set I had before my upgrade.

    I'm trying to attach a screen print of my Word, WordPad & BW screens..... thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer!


    Well, while waiting for my screen print to upload I tried cut-and-pasting some Greek - same problem - seems to be the overstrike characters giving the problem - Greek characters with accents over them display in Word as square boxes. Maybe I need to change something in Word? It's Word 2000, 9.0.2720, and it worked just fine with BW 5, 6 and 7 and maybe before that....

    I gave up trying to upload my screenprint as an attachment. It's online at:

    Thanks --

    Susan Jeffers
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    I wonder if Word 2000 supports Unicode fonts. That's not my final answer, but it is a question that I would ask. Second, I notice from your screen shot that the fonts listed in both of your English word processors are English fonts (Arial and Times New Roman). What happens if you were to select your Hebrew text and then change the font in the font box to the appropriate Hebrew font? Third, if you go to the Tools menu in BW and select 'Options,' then under General, select Fonts, are the boxes at the bottom of the window checked? (Export Hebrew/Greek Resources as Unicode) All for now. I hope you're able to get resolution.

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    Default Check all settings

    Susan, In your font setting pages, be sure that all three options for unicode export are unchecked if you want to use the BibleWorks fonts. Also under output format options - selected browse text, be sure that export unicode greek and hebrew options are both unchecked. You may need to paste with the paste special option, select formated rich text. See if that helps.

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    Susan, follow Skip's advice on the font issue and see if that does it. If not, let us know.

    On pasting screen shots into your messages here, next time if you click on the links icon when you're posting your message, (the blue round ball with the little chain, or figure 8, right beneath it, next to the red x/chain), and then insert the link into the little dialog that pops up, i.e., the same link you posted at the bottom of your message, the screen shot will show up in your message. FYI.

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    Thumbs up thank you so much!

    Thank you all SO MUCH -- this was the bit that did the trick:

    Quote Originally Posted by SkipB View Post
    ... under output format options - selected browse text, be sure that export unicode greek and hebrew options are both unchecked.
    I really appreciate your prompt and helpful responses! I was about ready to try to find my old BW7 CDs...

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