I just upgraded from BW7 to BW8; all my previous BW upgrades have been pretty painless but this one is giving me fits. I set my fonts to truetype bwhebb and bwgrkl, same as all of my bazillion of documents already in existence. But when I try to cut-and-paste Hebrew (haven't tried Greek yet) I get square boxes for some of the characters in Word. The Hebrew text looks fine in BW. I thought maybe I had an outmoded version of bwhebb and bwgrkl, so I deleted them from my Windows font folder & downloaded & reinstalled fresh - made no difference. Then I tried doing my cut-and-paste to WordPad, and I get vertical lines where there were square boxes in Word, plus the font doesn't even look remotely the same.

I use BW and Word for hours every day even though I only use a small subset of the features. I hope someone can advise me -- classes start in 2 weeks and I will never be ready if I have to spend days getting back to the skill set I had before my upgrade.

I'm trying to attach a screen print of my Word, WordPad & BW screens..... thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer!


Well, while waiting for my screen print to upload I tried cut-and-pasting some Greek - same problem - seems to be the overstrike characters giving the problem - Greek characters with accents over them display in Word as square boxes. Maybe I need to change something in Word? It's Word 2000, 9.0.2720, and it worked just fine with BW 5, 6 and 7 and maybe before that....

I gave up trying to upload my screenprint as an attachment. It's online at:

Thanks --

Susan Jeffers
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