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    Before I get to the Cryptography Quest, let me remark on another little addion to Verse List Organizer 3.0.

    I have appended to the program another small routine called "Transfer All" which can be found in the VLM Files menu.

    Selecting this menu item will transfer ALL of your VLM files into the Category list box. If your list box is blank, ALL of your VLM files will be transfered. If your Category already contains one or more VLM files, they will not be duplicated; rather, all of the remaining VLM files will be added. Moreover, if you happen to have a VLM file which you have deleted but is yet listed in your Category, the Transfer All will remove it.

    In other words, after selecting this menu item you will end up with ALL of your existing VLM files in your current Category, no more, no less. This feature has several uses...

    One, you can create and maintain a master Category file by having all of your VLM files in that one master Category. Two, once you've transfered all of these files over, you can now click the Select All button in the Category column and then click on Combine Files and you will now have a single, master VLM file as well, which of course can also be opened in BibleWorks in the VLM.

    While this addition is not earth-shattering, it nevertheless adds yet another layer of organizational capability to Verse List Organizer, which is in fact the purpose of Verse List Organizer in the first place.


    When you open the Conversion Utility (by clicking on the Thunder-Light icon), the cursor will now appear in the edit box so you can begin typing right away if typing is your preference, or you may of course click on the number pad.

    There is a secret, specific code built into this utility. I've made it relatively simple to begin with. It is a four-digit code, each digit consisting of a number from 0 to 9, no decimal point.

    When you enter the correct four digits in the correct order, you will be rewarded with a password.

    The first one to discover that password and post it here correctly will have his name etched in the Verse List Organizer Cryptography Hall Of Fame, which will be appended to the Help File under that new category, yet to be created.

    No applause, please. You don't have to thank me now, even though this is something that you will be able to brag about for the rest of your life, so grab your abacus and charge!

    I promise, this is not a joke. There IS such a number. Once this password has been discovered, it will be reset to a new number, and so on and so forth.

    HINT: the code is a Bible verse from the New Testament, from the Pauline corpus.

    The Install files and/or the Update files can be downloade HERE
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