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Thread: Bible Works and Linux?

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    Question Bible Works and Linux?


    I recently added a Linux OS to my hard drive.

    I was wondering weather anyone has tried to run BW on a Linux platform successfully (perhaps using a windows converter) and if so, which one!


    John Mark

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    Default On Linux......

    If you do a search of the forums, you will see several threads detailing the Linux options. Personally, I've used Virtual Box to run BW (7 & 8). One great aspect of Virtual Box is that you can move the virtual machine across platforms. I now run BW 8 on a Mac using the same virtual machine. There is a bit of a speed hit on the Mac platform, I didn't detect that running under Linux.
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    I have run Linux (Mepis) for 4+ years. I started by running BW and Libronix Theological Journals in Win4Lin. Then I moved to VMWare (free edition), and now I primarily run BW in Wine (1.1.26). I have an installation of VirtualBox with BW and Libronix and I go to it for a few BW features and Libornix, which I have never gotten to run under Wine. I actually like the chm viewer (most of the resources) in Linux better than my version of Windows (2000).

    As mentioned above there is a very lengthy thread on this topic.
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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for all your support! After posting I found the linux thread...
    Thanks again!


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