I have the following text in my verse note on Romans 3:30:

Here περιτομή = cultic rite, but it ultimately refers to those who have undergone the rite. Likely περιτομή and ἀκροβυστία refer to Jews and Gentiles as entire ethnic groups.

I have tried to copy and paste this text into my verse note for Gal 2:7, but for some reason the paste command accomplishes nothing. My cursor will go down a line as if something had been pasted with a paragraph return at the end of the line, but there is no text there.

Let me detail the steps I took exactly:

  1. Text was entered in original note by typing normally for English and then switching to Unicode for Greek.
  2. I highlight the entire note with my cursor.
  3. I press Ctrl-C on the keyboard.
  4. I navigate to new note, position cursor, press Ctrl-V.

The result is consistent: Cursor moves down a line as if text were entered, but there is nothing entered that I can see.

I'd appreciate any help in figuring this out. My hunch is that it has something to do with Unicode, but I don't know enough to troubleshoot it myself.