Yesterday, I attempted something I had never before attempted in BibleWorks. I thought it would be pretty straightforward, but, evidently, I was wrong. I wanted to import several of my search result verses - not all of them! - into my sermon. So, I began to put a check mark in all of the relevant boxes in the search window results list. Then I clicked on the command 'Copy Selected Results List Verse.' Lo and behold, it never ended up doing what I had hoped and thought it would do. It copied verses that weren't checked and it copied only some of those that were checked. I tried it over and over again as well as attempted to tweak the various copy settings. To no avail. I ended up having to click on each search result that I wanted to copy into my sermon, and had to copy it into my sermon, one verse at a time.

Tonight, I figured I'd play with it again to see if I could get it figured out. After all, the ability to copy all of the verses that I want into my sermon would be a pretty good feature to know about and to access often. But I tried something different this time. I tried a different command. I tried 'Copy Verse List + Text.' This time it worked. Eureka and magnifico!

But in the interim, could anyone please explain to me the difference between the two commands:

1. Copy Verse List + Text

2. Copy Selected Results List Verse

Much obliged for any feedback and insight.

Thanks much.

Irving Salzman