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Thread: Search Window Anomaly??

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    Default Search Window Anomaly??

    I’ve noticed what I think is an anomaly when using the Search Window. Usually, when I search for a word or phrase I get an indication of the number of resulting verses and hits displayed at the bottom of the window. But when I have the “Browse” tap displayed in the Analysis Window the search results do not display. Is there a reason for this? No other tabs seem to cause this result.

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    Well, I can certainly duplicate this behavior. The status bar is redrawn when the analysis window is in browse mode so that the stats don't show. I don't think this is the intended behavior, but the BW people will have to chime in to know for sure.

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    For those interested here's the response I got from BibleWorks. I'm not sure I fully understand everything Ed said but at least they are aware of the issue and there seems to be a workaround of sorts...

    Dear James,

    Thank you for your inquiry of July 7 regarding the detailed statistics display on the Status Bar. You have identified what is indeed a known issue. Because the information in the Search Window is so closely related to that which is in the Browse Window, the statistics information will be affected when a second Browse Window (in this case, the Browse tab of the Analysis Window) is displayed. This is due to a change in the code that was made to enable the display of the Browse tab in the Analysis Window. The same will be observed when a secondary Browse Window is in use, that is, if a search has been performed, the statistics will disappear from the Status Bar if one clicks into that secondary Browse Window. (If the search was initiated from the secondary Browse Window, and the mouse is then clicked in the primary Browse Window, the statistics will also disappear.

    Please keep in mind that the statistics are available for display in the STATS tab of the Analysis Window. The stats show at the top of the window, and the graphical display of the distribution of the occurrences will show there as well. (Previously one had to double-click on the statistics area of the Status Bar to display this information.

    It is hoped that this satisfactorily answers your inquiry. Thank you for using BibleWorks.


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