The professors at GCTS often test students in Hebrew exegesis/grammar courses by requiring the students to parse all non-Qal verbs.

I've been asked a few times how to run a search in BibleWorks for all non-Qal verbs so that the student can highlight the pertinent words.

One way of doing it would be this:


The letters in between the left and right brackets represent an "or" search of all stems but the Qal.

A student was able to achieve the same search by using the Graphical Search Engine and using an "exclusion" list to exclude any Qal verbs.

I thought that there would be a third way:

I tried the following search (with my search limited only to the Book of Jonah):


The first set a parentheses would look for all verbs. The second set of parentheses would then search for all Qal verbs, but the exclamation point set in between the two sets of parenthesis would "negate" the second set. Unfortunately, this does not work. When I perform the search given above, I only get 1 hit.

Now that I think of it, I understand why... The search above looks for VERSES not words. It looks for verses that have verbs and then negates all verses that have Qal verbs.

So, here's the question. Is there a way to negate on a word by word level. So that one could do something like this:


I know that this search does not work, but I was wondering if there's anything that might work like this.