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Thread: Free teaching visual mark-up program

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    Default Free teaching visual mark-up program

    I thought others discussed visual mark-up programs before for use in classroom or presentation, but I couldn't find them.

    In any event, I saw this link to VirtualBoard, a free program that allows you to do screen mark-up while running BibleWorks or other programs. Seemed like it might be something helpful for others, based on this video by a well-known BW guy.

    The link I saw made it sound like it was a "new" thing that this program is now free (i.e. it used to cost money). So check it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hanel View Post
    ... by a well-known BW guy. ....
    Every village needs a chucklehead. I'm BW's.

    My comment in this thread was more along the lines of a button on the BW's menu bar. The emphasis there being "it's own." It would make opening an second program obsolete.

    The program I currently use the most is one I found on MGVH's site - ZoomIt.

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