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    Default Announcing Verse List Organizer 1.0

    With permission from BibleWorks, I am announcing here the release of Verse List Organizer 1.0, a FREEWARE software program for use with BibleWorks™.

    Neither Verse List Organizer or its author are affiliated with BibleWorks in any capacity, nor does Verse List Organizer or its author speak for BibleWorks or represent BibleWorks in any way whatsoever. Permission has been kindly granted by BibleWorks to make this announcement in this forum, but BibleWorks does not endorse this product, or have anything whatsoever to do with the creation or maintenance of Verse List Organizer.

    I am solely responsible for Verse List Organizer, and thus you should direct all correspondence regarding Verse List Organizer to "vlo at lamblion dot net"

    Verse List Organizer can be freely downloaded HERE

    Verse List Organizer (VLO) extends the already enormous capabilities of BibleWorks by gathering and organizing BibleWorks' Verse List Manager (VLM) files into Categories. This provides a powerful tool for exegesis, sermon preparation, and numerous other protocols for studying God's written Word.

    Although VLO has some compelling features, some of which may be similar to those of the VLM, nevertheless VLO is not meant to duplicate the functionality of the BibleWorks VLM. Rather, VLO extends the functionality of BibleWorks by expanding the organizational capabilities of results obtained from using the powerful VLM feature in BibleWorks. This is, in fact, the very purpose of VLO.

    Notice also that VLO employs the three-pane view just as BibleWorks does. This provides visual continuity for the user as work flows between the two programs.

    It is imperative that you engage the very short Tutorial, which can be accessed from the Help menu of Verse List Organizer. Working through the short Tutorial will teach you in five minutes all of the fundamental features of Verse List Organizer and will give you a firm foundation for quickly making the most of this program.

    NOTE 1: If you really want to get the most out of Verse List Organizer, you should also make sure that -- from within BibleWorks -- you go to the View menu and then make sure that the "Receive References (ParaText)" item is CHECKED. This enables you to double-click on verses in Verse List Organizer and have them instantly appear in BibleWorks. I must give special thanks to Mike Bushell for alerting me to the ParaText function and for showing me how to hook into it. This is yet another capability of BibleWorks that makes BibleWorks the premier Bible software program extant. This feature also makes Verse List Organizer more powerful than I had at first envisioned, as this feature allows you to instantly inspect the verses from within your Category files in Verse List Organizer, thus saving a horde of keystrokes and switching back and forth between applications. This capability will also be covered in the Tutorial.

    NOTE 2: when you start Verse List Organizer for the first time, a dialog box will appear before the main Verse List Organizer screen does. This dialog box asks you to navigate to your BibleWorks ASE folder, which is typically "c:\Program Files\BibleWorks 8\ASE"

    Verse List Organizer records this information so that you only have to do this once. Of course, there are also options for changing this folder and for setting the location of other folders once you are in Verse List Organizer. See the "Configuration" topic in the Help file for details.

    It is also recommended - though not at all necessary - that you create a VLO folder in the same spot, for example, "c:\Program Files\BibleWorks 8\VLO".

    Should you decide to create this VLO folder, you can do so from within the "Configuration" menu of Verse List Organizer so that Verse List Organizer will automatically know where to find your VLO files. If you create this folder outside of Verse List Organizer, you can simply navigate to that folder from the "Configuration" menu. Either way, you must let Verse List Organizer know where this folder is, otherwise your VLO files will be stored in the default installation folder.Verse List Organizer files have a .VLO extension, while BibleWorks' Verse List Manager files have a .VLS extension. If you choose not to create a VLO folder, Verse List Organizer will store its VLO files inthe same folder in which VLO itself is stored, which is by default "c:\Program Files\Verse List Organizer\".

    The installation program does not engage or affect your system files or other critical files in any way. The installation program merely creates a folder and stores the Verse List Organizer files in that folder, along with the "readme" and three tutorial VLS files. The default folder for the installation is, as noted above, "c:\Program Files\Verse List Organizer\"

    NOTE 3: The three Tutorial VLS files which are included with Verse List Organizer should be moved to your ASE folder before you begin the Tutorial. You may substitute your own VLS files for the Tutorial, but the Tutorial may become confusing if you do so. Instead, it is recommended that you employ the three files provided. You may erase them afterward. The three VLS files are these -

    1. vlo_angels.vls
    2. vlo_demons.vls
    3. vlo_special_angels.vls

    These files, created from within the BibleWorks VLM, have only a sampling of verses and were created strictly for the purpose of this Tutorial. They should not be considered necessarily accurate or comprehensive. Again, these three files should be placed in your ASE folder prior to participating in the Tutorial.

    NOTE 4: While BibleWorks has generously granted permission to post this announcement in this forum, please direct all future public comments and questions to the non-BibleWorks section of this forum. I will be happy to discuss the program with you there. In addition, I will entertain ER's, bug reports, and so forth at the above email address. I will also monitor the non-BibleWorks section of this forum in case you want to comment and make suggestions there in an effort to reach a consensus on various items of interest. I welcome suggestions and ideas, although I can't promise to implement them. However, I am willing and eager to improve the program as much as possible. This is just a first effort.

    In that vein, keep in mind that I am not a professional programmer. I am a mere hobbyist programmer, but I will do my best to fix all bugs and implement ER's as warranted.

    Finally, if you want to ensure that you have the latest version of Verse List Organizer, keep monitoring the above link where you first downloaded Verse List Organizer, as I will keep a running documentation of updates and fixes there. You can also find a link to this site from the "Window" menu of Verse List Organizer.

    For Michael Haneel and whoever else may maintain the non-official BibleWorks blog, you are free to provide a link to my download location, but it would be best to provide the link only and not the file itself, as there will undoubtedly be a number of updates, fixes, enhancements, and so forth, so it would not be practical to maintain the file itself on the blog.

    As I said, I will maintain a running tally and description of all updates at my download site, along with the latest version of Verse List Organizer.

    Note to programmers: Verse List Organizer was written in Visual Studio 2008 C++, just as BibleWorks. This is straight C/C++ with no ATL, CLR, MFC, or other layered models, so speed and efficiency are optimized. This is a Unicode Application/Project, but the file i/o remains multibyte instead of wchar for compatibility, again just as BibleWorks does with many of its files.

    Well, that's about it. I hope you find the program useful.

    In Christ Jesus (who is Lord of all, and who alone is worthy)

    Scott Jones
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