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Thread: Wycliffe now available for Bibleworks

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    Default Wycliffe now available for Bibleworks

    Instructions for installing Wycliffe....

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    Question Pardon my ignorance

    I downloaded the file from

    called biblewdn.tgz

    I notice that on the web page there are ddf files for Holman, Wyclif and NWT bibles.

    After downloading and decompressing the biblewdn.tgz
    file, I discovered that it includes the text files for Holman and NWT, but I couldn't see a Wyclif text file there [or anywhere else].

    My question is this:
    If you have a ddf and the text file, why do you need the java [which I still can't get to work?]

    David McKay

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    verry nice tool!!

    Do you know Get a bible ?

    With this you are able to rip some bible texts from for

    Perhaps you can extend biblewdn for downloading texts from bibleserver also ?


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