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    I've been informed by BibleWorks that WTT is not copyrighted so my formatting and distributing WTK (kethib only) hebrew text is not a problem. The problem is the tedious effort of producing the text file.

    So far I'v gotten through Nehemiah. I will eventually complete it, but it's not now a top priority. Thus, if anyone would like to take a book or two and get rid of the qeres and then send me the file, that would facilitate matters.

    Here's how you do it if you're interested...

    From the Tools | Importing/Exporting Information menu, choose Export Database. When the box comes up, scroll down and select WTT for export. Set the range (one or two books that you might work on, for example) and then -- and this is important -- when you are given the option to save it, save it in CCAT format.

    Once you have the file, you open the .CAT file in a text editor and then do a search for "]" without the quotes.

    This will place you at the right end of the qere. You select that brace and continue on to your left until you come to the closing brace, i.e., right-facing brace. You also continue a couple of places further to the left and select the first } surrounding the kethib. You delete those, then keep moving right until you come to the { which offsets the one you just deleted. Delete this one also. Be sure and do NOT delete the letters BETWEEN the {}. That's the kethib reading.

    You have just removed the qere and the parens around the kethib.

    Now search for the next "]" and do it all over again.

    As I said, I'm through Nehemiah, so if anybody wants to take a book or two after them, post here in this thread what books you're taking so the efforts won't be duplicated.

    Also, do NOT name your file, but give it some other name and then send the complete file to me where I will plug it in. You can find my email address at my link below.

    I'm not real motivated on this one, but since I've started it I thought I'd throw this out there for anyone who might be interested.
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