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Thread: Suggestion: distinguish search and browse versions

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    Default Suggestion: distinguish search and browse versions

    It just occurred to me that I am constantly switching back and forth from the versions I search in to the versions I browse in.

    For example, a large number of the searches I do are in the morphologically-tagged texts, but I never want to browse in those texts.

    I would recommend finding a way to change the search version back and forth without changing the browsing version when you do so.

    Perhaps like a search limit, one could simply type on the comand line:

    b bgt
    b esv

    to choose a browse version that would not change with the changing of search versions. Once entering in a browser version one could change it whenever they want by typing b and the other version, or shut off the distinction between the browser version and the search version by simply entering b (without anything following it) on the command line. So the default would be to have search and browse versions linked, but a user could choose to separate them.

    That's what happens when you provide such a powerful and flexible tool.... We'll keep thinking of ways to push the power and flexibility!

    Thanks for all your work,


    Roy E. Ciampa, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of New Testament
    Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
    130 Essex Street
    South Hamilton, MA 01982

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    Default Excellent idea!

    I like it
    Joe Fleener
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