BibleWorks, LLC is very grateful to its customers for the most encouraging response to the introduction of BibleWorks 8. At times, the number of requests for telephone customer support with BibleWorks 8 installation was so great as to overwhelm our small support staff and cause significant delays in response. We appreciate the forbearance and understanding customers displayed through this period.

We realized from this experience, however, that BibleWorks's traditional telephone support mechanisms are too vulnerable to overload resulting from lengthy incoming calls that could be much more efficiently dealt with in other ways. We need to preserve our phone technicians' time for calls that really do require telephonic interaction. Accordingly, effective June 1 we will move to the emerging industry practice of using callbacks for telephone support. BibleWorks Customer Support will then be available in one of three ways:
-- by leaving a voice mail message on the BibleWorks Customer Support phone line;
-- by sending an e-mail to BibleWorks Customer Support; or
-- by using the BibleWorks Customer Support form, as now.

This procedure will allow BibleWorks Customer Support specialists to respond to all requests in the most efficient and effective way available, and they will thus then be able to guarantee response to all requests in one business day or less, including resolution of the request in most cases. If a customer provides a time window for callback, BibleWorks Customer Support should ordinarily be able to make a callback within that window. (Of course, customers will have to provide with their requests usable contact information.)

BibleWorks customers will also at each support request submission be reminded to check the BibleWorks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) facility. We've found that we answer at least a quarter of incoming phone calls simply by providing pointers to the easy-to-follow solutions contained in our FAQs. Moreover, our FAQs are available around the clock, while telephone specialists are available only Mondays through Fridays 9-5 US Eastern Time.

We appreciate customers' understanding of the reasons for this change, a change that should entirely eliminate multiple-day waits for customer support and provide better customer support for all.

Last update: RG/May 26, 2009