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Thread: NWT bible now available for Bibleworks

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    bibles from gospelcom don't load => http Code 404

    any solutions?

    The downloaded hcsb text has tags like <N1>, what is the meaning?

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    Hey Countach,

    I tried again last night and it worked fine. I don't know what I was doing wrong, nor what I did right but it worked, THANK YOU


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    Exclamation Eureka

    I have tried and tried to install the NWT and other databases using this java thingy, and nothing worked.

    Don't know if this will help anyone else, but here is what worked for me. This is actually 2 solutions to 2 problems.

    As an old geezer with fading eyes, I find some web pages very hard to read, and now I find many pages have been set so that you can't increase the font size by going to View/Text size and clicking on "larger, " or whatever.

    Someone suggested I use Mozilla in such situations, and so I downloaded Mozilla Firefox from

    This browser has its limitations, and sometimes you do need to use IE, I find, but you can increase the font on any web page. To be frank, some pages don't look as good in Firefox as they do in IE, including my own website.

    But, it is great to be able to read what you are squinting at!

    Second solution? One day I was directed to download java to use a web page in Firefox, and this resulted in it being properly installed on my computer for the first time, and I can now download the text files of these databases.

    It does take a looong time, and I have not yet completed the project, but I see it working for the first time.

    If it stuffs up when I try it seriously, I'll do an Arnie!
    [or Douglas Macarthur]

    David McKay

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    Thumbs up Douglas Arnie Macarthur here

    I have successfully installed HCSB and NWT, but can't get Wycliff to work. Does this involve getting a text file for someone? Is it available on the NET somewhere?

    Thanks very much for the HCSB and NWTs.

    David McKay

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    Default The Message

    I downloaded the file "biblewdn" and double-clicked on it. It opened up a window asking me what version to download and I selected The Message. It then opens up another window with a blank in the filename. Am I supposed open a file with that window or type in a name? I've tried everything and can't figure out what the biblewdn file is actually for. If I type in the name msg in the blank and then click on the "save to output file name" button I get a progress window that opens up with the word "Gen" in it and then another window opens up " server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL: " and then it lists a url. I'm really confused if there is another file that I need to download or what exactly I need to do. Any help that anyone can give me (step by step instuctions would be great) is GREATLY appreciated.

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    Default Download

    Yes you are supposed to type in a file name, any name will do. But as I think I now mention on the web site, many of these have stopped working because they have changed the web site layout and/or location. I don't have the inspiration right now to fix it, but the source code is available on the web site as an example for any programmers who wish to try it. It's not that hard to do.

    As far as I know the NWT version still works, you can try that as an example. BTW, the whole thing probably doesn't work behind corporate proxy servers etc.

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