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Thread: NWT bible now available for Bibleworks

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    Default Ddf

    >Is there a DDF syntax help file or FAQ available?

    You're not supposed to write them yourself. You're supposed to create them with the gui.

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    I see...One question: What does the 'version' variable refer to?

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    Default Version

    I think it's something to do with Bibleworks knowing when a version has changed, maybe so it can re-index or something. All you need to know is increment by one everytime the version changes.

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    I downloaded the biblwdn.jar link and recieved several .class files. Yet there was no .jar program. Am I missing something?

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    Default biblewdn

    How can you download a .jar file and get lots of files (.class)? My guess is you are unzipping the .jar file. (jar files are really .zip files, but you shouldn't unzip them!). Without more detail about what you're doing it's hard to help.

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    I can't get the NWT in Bibleworks. I have downloaded all the files, The BibleWDN is in the bibleworks file, i double click on both NWT files, the NWT ABBRV and the NWT file itself, but i am not able to access it.


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    Default Nwt

    I'm not sure what you think clicking on the files is supposed to achieve.

    My first question is: Have you read and carefully followed the instructions on the web site?

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    yes i have tried to follow the directions on the website. However I am not the most literate computer user as some. I don't know where to save the different files to, and then once they are where they need to be, how to open them. If you could help, i would greatly appreciate, thanks


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    Question NWT not working

    I can't get the NWT thing to work either.
    Like other posters, I need detailed info to explain how to do it.

    I have successfully loaded up other user databases, but this seems to require some knowledge I don't possess.

    David McKay

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    ok I did it but it said the database has all blank verses, what should i do?


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