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Thread: Display problem with transliteration

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    Default Display problem with transliteration

    I am using Version 4.0. My problem is that for most (not all) transliterations, it is displayed incorrectly. This only seems to happen in the Auto-Info Pane section of the Results Window. And this also seems to happen only for transliteration for Hebrew words (not Greek words).

    I have searched this General BibleWorks discussion under "transliteration" and a person who had similar problem solved that by "holding down the Shift key while launching" and this will bring up the option to re-install the BW Fonts. However, it does not seem to work for my Version 4.0 (that person has Version 6.0).

    Anyone has any ideas?
    Anyone knows how to "re-install" the BW fonts for Version 4.0?
    (Does BW has their technical guy here to help? I hope so........)

    (One additional possible complication: My Microsoft Windows XP Pro (with SP1 installed) is a non-English one. It is a Traditional Chinese Version. And when a transliteration is displayed incorrectly, it will show up as a mixture of funny characters and Chinese characters too. But after reading the post by the above mentioned guy and the fact that he has solved his similar problem by re-installing the BW fonts, I feel quite confident that this re-installing should also work for me....)
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    Default Windows Control Panel

    Quote Originally Posted by shalommatt
    I am using Version 4.0. My problem is that for most (not all) transliterations, it is displayed incorrectly.

    Anyone knows how to "re-install" the BW fonts for Version 4.0?
    For 4.0 the only way to reinstall the fonts a be sure they are realy being read by Windows is to do it via the Windows Control Panel.

    Open the Control Panel, double click on Fonts.

    Go to file - install new font.

    Navigate to your Program Files\Bible Works 4 directory where you should then see all the bw*.ttf files.

    Select all of them and cick install.

    Sometimes Windoms will make you delete a font before reinstalling them. If you get that error, just delete the BW fonts via the Fonts window and go through the above steps again.

    Hope that helps.
    Joe Fleener
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    I have followed your advice but it does not solve the problem within BW. I now attach a .jpg file which captured the Auto-Pane Info section of the Results Windows.
    Notice that the transliteration "yeled" is displayed correctly while the rest are not. Also all Hebrew alphebets and vowels points are displayed properly as well.

    Additionally, after following the advice, something happens---now, my browser cannot properly display the hebrew fonts under your signature !
    Something must have done to the Microsoft Font file which is now affecting this display of Hebrew fonts in my browser. :-(
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    Two more things:
    1) When I use the "Copy Info Window to Clipboard" inside the Results Windows to copy the above .jpg picture to my Microsoft Wordpad program, most (if not all) transliterations are properly displayed! (see attached pic)
    So, somehow Wordpad can display the transliteration while BW Auto-info Pane of the Results Window cannot. Anyone knows why?
    What is the name of the font file which controls the display of the transliteration?
    Somehow BW is not getting that info , I think.

    2) What could have I done wrong to cause the Hebrew fonts being displayed incorrectly under your signature. Which font file of the MS Windows' Font folder could have been corrupted?
    Any ideas?

    Thank you for anyone's idea or suggestion.
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    Default Hmmmm!


    Sorry for messing up your browser fonts with my advice! What browser are you using? I know even after reinstalling the fonts several times on my work PC I still have problems with Internet Explorer, but Netscape works fine.

    I am having a hard time remembering the options available in 4.0. I believe under tools - options there is a place where you can see what font is being used for transliterations.

    If you are able to see the fonts correctly in Wordpad, what fonts is it being pasted as there?

    I think you would want to send a message to BibleWorks support @ to get their ideas.

    As for seeing the fonts in the browser you may want to try reinstalling them again and rebooting before trying anything else and see if that clears things up. The font I am using in the signature is Bwhebb.ttf. All the BW fonts are BwCyrl.ttf, Bweess.ttf, Bwgrki.ttf, Bwgrkl.ttf, Bwgrkn.ttf, Bwheba.ttf, Bwhebb.ttf, Bwhebl.ttf, BwLexa.ttf, BwLexs.ttf, BwSymbol.ttf, Bwtransh.ttf, Bwviet.ttf

    You can get new versions of Bwgrkl.ttf & Bwhebb.ttf from I assume they will work fine with 4.0.

    Let me (us) know if you try any of this and if it works or you are still stuck.
    Joe Fleener
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    Default Windows XP (Traditional Chinese) and BibleWorks

    Hi shalommatt,

    I'm also a XP Trad. Chinese user. You can display your fonts correctly, but it means that you will mess up your system a little bit. BibleWorks does not support Unicode. The good news is that you can still display correctly BW fonts, but some other applications (particularly Chinese applications) will not display correctly. You see what you need most, your BibleWorks fonts or your Chinese programs fonts, and then you decide if you will still need to do the change.

    The trick is very easy. Go to regional settings in Control Panel (地區及語言選項), then Advance (進階) and from there change the country and language (I suggest you use English - US 英文 - 美國). Then you restart and see the results.

    In the Lord,

    Martin, Rome

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    Hello Martin,
    I have already upgraded to version 6.0 and with this newer version, the problem has gone away. Although I still set the Region and Language setting as Traditional Chinese in Win XP, the transliteration of the Hebrew is displayed correctly now. (Well, I better say I have not seen any thing wrong yet, as of today.....we all know how all softwares have an attitude of their own...not predictable....) So, it seems that I am getting the best of both worlds--all my chinese programs work ok and the Hebrew/Greek fonts and transliteration in BW are ok.
    But I do thank you for your suggestion which will now be a trick up my sleeve and if I ever need it, I will just pull it out.


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