Hi all,

I have recently formatted an English language edition of the Song of Songs/ Solomon Targum for BibleWorks: The Chaldee Paraphrase on the Song of Songs, by Adam Clarke.

The following English Language translation of the Song of Songs Targum was compiled by the scholar Adam Clarke and is found within his six-volume commentary on the entire bible. Notably, this work provides the Aramaic expansions and interpolations that the Song of Songs Targum made upon the canonical Song of Solomon. This text can be compared with the TAR/ Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon database within BibleWorks and is helpful for those who desire to study the Song of Songs Targum. Clarke’s footnotes, which often prove to be very informative, are available for viewing within the BW Analysis Window.

Michael Hanel, like always, has been kind enough to host the file for download here: http://bibleworks.oldinthenew.org/?p=489