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    Default input text for Chinese version

    I am compiling a Chinese Bible version for BW8. The file is in Unicode (UTF-16LE). I understand from the "Compiling Version Databases" help file that I need to use ASCII text. Can somebody tell me what is the easiest way to convert to ASCII text?

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    To my knowledge, ASCII only includes Latin character set and not Chinese characters.

    In case of Chinese Bible text, it would be safest to save the text in unicode 8-utf text file format, and Bible Works should be able to display characters correctly. utf-8 works for both simplified and traditional Chinese characters, even on Western Window systems.

    Users need to add Chinese simplified and traditional language support on Western Window systems via Control Panel/Languages and Regional Settings.

    I am working with Chinese texts almost each day; so I know a bit the problems, and it (mostly) works well on my system (Windows XP Professional).
    Good luck!

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    Default input text for Chinese version

    I am using a O2 Atom Pure English Version and can not display and input Chinese. 1) Want to get a free Chinese Software, 2) a Chinese/English Dictionary or English Dictionary. If there is no free download, where to buy? Thanks.

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