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Thread: How to type in @ in WTM?

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    Default How to type in @ in WTM?

    Hi, i feel like an idiot for asking this and i'm sure i'm missing something simple but technology has never been my strong suit so here goes:

    If I'm searching for all occurrences of a particular verb ABC in the qal perfect form, I type the following in the WTM command box:


    then I want to continue to type...


    BUT when I try to type in @, instead of a drop down menu, I get peh instead.

    Can someone help me pls? Thanks.

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    Default Hebrew Morphology Search typing

    Make sure WTM is search version.
    I type ".abc[END]@"
    On the command line it looks like this ".#ba@"

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    Thanks Greg!

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    Default Entering CL Hebrew Morphology search

    A BW staff could only find this documentation:
    Quote Originally Posted by BibleWorks service person
    Thank you for your message. Please note the top of page 15 in the BibleWorks 8 Quick-Start Guide as it addresses searching a mophology verison.:

    "When searching Hebrew, you must first type the lemma and then manually move the cursor to the right of the lemma to enter the @ sign."

    A cursory search of the BibleWorks Help in the places I would expect to find it did not lead me to further mention, I will look into the matter further and suggest that we update the Help file where necessary.


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