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    Smile Translator Notes

    My hopes for BWW 8 were to see translator notes as part of the copy window process. Another words, I hoped that I would not only get the text with the superscripted translator note markings but also the notes themselves. Its seems rather unimportant to have the notations in the text if you can't print the notes also without doing a copy/ paste for each verse.

    I am hoping I overlooked something. Does anyone know an easy way to pump out the text to another program or to the editor with the translator notes?
    Bruce Shauger
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    Default Translator Notes

    Well, that depends. What translator notes are you referring to?
    --In the KJV and some others, translator notes appear in the Browse Window in brackets at the end of the verse. A Highlight and then Ctrl-C or right-click short cut menu copy does copy these.
    --In other versions (NET, ESV, etc.) the superscripted numbers appear in the Browse Window. The notes appear in the Word Analysis window. I assume this is the note content you want.

    Okay, let's see if we can find it.
    -It's not an option in the Report Generator.
    -You can get the notes in Export Database, but probably not in the format you want.
    +You can highlight the notes in the Analysis Window for each verse and copy them that way.
    -In Output Format Options/Verse List or Range there is an option for
    Quote Originally Posted by BW Help chapter 50
    Include Translator Notes - This option includes embedded version notes, if available for that version.
    but this seems to only include what is displayed ("embedded"?) in the Browse Window.

    Even if there was a way (such as via Report Generator or an Output option), it would probably be output at the end of each verse--a whole bunch of notes at the end of passage doesn't help you know which is which, especially if many are numbered '1'.

    Make a request to BW. They are often very responsive.

    So, why do you want the text with the version notes?

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    Hi Greg!
    Thanks for taking a look. Well of course I want the notes with the text - that's what they are there for! When I do bible studies and print out a portion of the text it would be far easier to have the notes print at the end of the text instead of having to copy and paste them verse by verse.

    When you read your printed bible you have the notes right there in the margins. If I am studying Phil 1 with someone and want to print out the text for them to write on the notes are extremely valuable. I like to show people how to interact with the text keeping a pen handy and writing on the manuscript to mark the text using inductive bible study methods.

    It makes no sense to me to be able to print the text with the superscripted note reference if the notes are not included. I believe the notes in a translation like the ESV are of utmost importance - that's the ideal combination - a rendering in English as well as a notes to convey nuances of the original text that may not translate strait across.
    Bruce Shauger
    MDiv Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
    BS LeTourneau University

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