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Thread: CEV Translation

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    Default CEV Translation

    Is there any chance that the CEV translation might be included in BibleWorks?

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    Exclamation CEV translation

    While you are waiting for it, Greg, it is already available in the free program E-sword [but donations are accepted, and you get a copy of the CD of te program].


    You can also access other databases not available yet in BibleWorks, such as the Good News Bible and The Message.

    David McKay

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    That might imply it is freely available and is therefore able to be incorporated into BibleWorks. I would prefer it to be incorporated into BibleWorks so the same comparative tools can be used with it as with the other translations.

    - Greg

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    Default Freely available?

    Greg, I think Rick Meyers got some slack cut because his is a free program [except from the Lockman Foundation]

    He has databases that cost him nothing that BibleWorks would have ahd to pay for, I think.

    David McKay

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