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    Default Cross-version search mode BW8

    I don't use the cross-version search mode very often. But in the Search All Display Versions mode I'm not seing the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by BW8 Help chapter 10:
    Search All Display Versions
    If this option is active the search will be conducted across all display versions of the same language as the search version. The Search Window verse list box will contain a list of all verses where a match was found. The results are mapped to the current search version. Stats apply only to the search as performed in the current search version. If you see a verse ref with a single asterisk by it and no number, this is a verse for which no hit was found in the current search version, but there was a hit in one of the other display versions. Hits will be highlighted in all display versions.
    For me, the Search List only contains the results in the current search version, i.e, no verses with no hits in this version but were hits in the other versions. Of course I could keep the "Cross Version Search Results" dialog open and change from version to version, but I'd like one integrated verse list. If I correctly understand the Help file, that's what BW should do for me?

    For example, Search Limits off, Search All Display Versions on, display KJV NKJ, search version KJV, .firstborn*
    Shouldn't Gen 4:4 (found in NKJ) show up in the KJV search results list with an * beside the reference and no hit highlighted?

    Thanks for your input.
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