Sorry to beat a dead horse, but... I am unable to paste text the way I want to when pasting text from the browse window into MS Word. I am using Word 07, under WinXP.
I have read, I think, all the other posts about setting options for copy options. And there are a few! I have read the updated help file.
Under Options, Output Format Options, Selected Browse Text, I have selected "Place Reference After Text". The Reference Format tags are as follows: (<book><chapter><verse><version>).
Where to copy the selected text is set for Clipboard, although I have tried setting it for Microsoft Word, and also have tried making one of my own favorites.
When I select text in the browse window with my mouse and press ctrl c, then paste it into the editor window or MS Word, I get no reference at all, just the text I have selected.
I have tried deleting the copyops.dat file (with BW 8 closed), and made sure I closed the options window before copying. No joy.
Any suggestions from those with more wisdom than I? I'm hoping that I'm just overlooking something simple.