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Thread: Thoughts on Ivan Panin' Numerics

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    Default Thoughts on Ivan Panin' Numerics

    Have just received books of Ivan Panin.
    English and the Greek New Testament.
    Has anyone have any comments.

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    Default Panin's Numerics

    Panin's numerics is about as useful as the Bible Code.
    You can find these patterns in any piece of literature. And you will find that Panin cheated to get his theory to fit the facts.

    Oswald T Allis wrote a book on Bible numerics which explains the problems.

    See this web page for links to books about this subject:

    Paul's words to Timothy tell us to keep away from such ways of reading the bible.

    If you do your own google search, you'll find plenty of help.

    David McKay

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    Thumbs up Congratulations!

    The works of Ivan Panin and his methods in translating etc., are impeccable.

    You're on the right road.

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