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I'm having trouble using the new font. Here's what I've done:

1 - Patched up to 8.0.007q.1 (A) which includes the new executable and fonts. When I go to get new updates, it now says "no new updates".
2 - Open the control panel, browse to the BW8 folder and install the fonts. What is interesting is that before I install the fonts, I can click on each of the other fonts and see a sample of what they look like. Each of the BW*.ttf fonts show Greek or Hebrew samples, but the SBL_grk.ttf looks like plain old Times New Roman.
3 - After installing the font, I have tried both Word and BW8 editor to use the font, and it never actually shows Greek. It's as though the SBL_greek font wasn't even a Greek font.

The first time I went through this, I did reboot, though I tried this again by deleting the fonts, reapplying the patch, and reinstalling the fonts. Same thing.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Do you know how to type in Unicode Greek with another font, say Palatino Linotype? By default if you select SBL Greek it will continue typing in whatever character set you have been using. So until you switch your keyboard set to Unicode Greek, it will keep using the US character set.