I mentioned in a footnote what I was doing with LaSor's textbook in another thread, but I wanted to get more people's attention (especially Pasquale, if he is still around).

My plan is to scan, OCR and put into Wiki format LaSor's textbook. You can see what I am going to try to do here: http://inductivegreek.pbwiki.com

So basically I am hyperlinking the textbooks together, so that they can reference each other more easily.

Question: Is Wiki the best route? Should I do Libronix or CHM (Help file) instead? The problem is, I don't know how to do Libronix or CHM stuff. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Also, would anyone be interested in helping me proof-read? I have already scanned and OCR'd the text.

It's regrettable that such a unique textbook is so undervalued today; hopefully, we can bring some new life to it.

Caveat: This book is still copyrighted, so if you want to help with this project, you either need to contact the publisher to get permission or obtain a copy yourself. If you do obtain a copy, you can e-mail me proof of ownership.