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Thread: How to prevent auto change of search version?

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    And it just keeps getting better. As of today's update to v. 8.0.008j.1, when I do a right-click "search on lemma" in multi-version mode with an English-language version designated as search version, the search is done in the ancient-lenguage morphology version, and once the results are displayed the search version goes back to the English version. Perfect! (At least I think so!)

    David Rensberger
    I don't get this. I am on version 8.0.008n.1 and when I do this the search version is always changed on me to Greek/Hebrew (as the case may be). I have to go back and manually change it every time. It's frustrating enough that I have taken to using a separate tab for searches, otherwise it is very clunky to use.

    In fact, I am find that the only real way to get back to my English search version is to perform another search in English this time. Very frustrating.
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