It may likely be that I simply do not know how to configure the correct settings, but I would like some help with search versions. Bibleworks 8 appears to automatically change the default search version (on the command line) based on the last search. Is there a way to stop this? This behavior slows down my work, and is a little annoying. Here is what I mean:

  • I am looking at a passage in multiple version mode. For example, 2 Kings 18:7, with ESV/NASB/WTT and BGT visible.
  • My search version is ESV.
  • I see a word I want to run a search on - perhaps a Hebrew word
  • I double click the word and it brings up the search, opens the secondary browser window (great!) to the first result with all my versions. The search window shows the WTT results.
  • The search version is automatically changed to WTT.

So when I close the secondary browser window, I now have the WTT as my search version and search display version. I need to manually fix it to go back to where I was (in this case, ESV). Is there a way to prevent the automatic switch of search version? I realize it may not be possible for the search display version (since that is what was displayed) but I don't know why the (default) search version would automatically change.

Any help is appreciated.