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    Default Browse tab behavior

    Could someone confirm this possible bug. BW8.0.007m.1

    Display NAU, BGM (interlinear or not), BGT in Multi-version in main Browse Window. In the Analysis window, Browse tab, select a non-display version such as NET. When I go to the main Browse Window, mouse-over popups don't match display. When I try to scroll the main Browse Window, it thinks it is in Browse mode (not multiversion) for NET. (Mouse-over thinks it is in NET Browse when the screen is still showing multi-version.)

    If I then take the main Browse Window back to multi-version view (by clicking the footprints), I have NAU, NET, BGM, BGT. Sometimes the Analysis Window, Browse tab view seems to jump to multi-version on its own in these changes-can't pinpoint it yet.

    It is probably related to selecting a non-display main Browse version for the Analysis Browse.

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    I tried something similar, with about a dozen versions in the main browse window. These versions are not replaced, but the text of the browse tab (multiple verses of NET) display above and below the other versions of one verse in the main browse window. Definitely a bug.
    When I switch the browse tab to one of the versions in the browse window, the same problem occurs. The "verse up" arrow on the main browse window acts as if it were just scrolling, rather than changing verses. I close the browse tab by opening the Analysis tab, but the problem persists. When I click on a different verse in my search list, the browse window switches to browse mode instead of staying in multiple version mode. I have to click on the "footprints" tab in order to get back to multiple version mode.
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    Default I tried but I don't have the problem

    I tried also but I'm not seeing anything unusual.

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