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Thread: What am I missing?

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    Default What am I missing?

    I'm struggling with applying colors to search results. I'm working with BW8, updated to the latest release version. I've selected BGM as the search version, and want to apply the color to the BGT. Those are the only versions being displayed. I do a morphological search in the BGM, bring up the Apply Color to Search Results dialog, make sure that the Display Text Colors option is selected, then click the Apply Color to Current Search Results Dialog. I've watched the tutorial video dozens of times, read through the help file multiple times and still no colorizing the BGT. What am I missing here?

    Thanks...this is really driving me crazy. Such a simple thing.
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    Default Applying colors

    Make sure the checkbox next to the version name in the "Apply Color .." window is checked. Also make sure the two other checkboxes are checked in the lower left hand corner.

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