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Thread: BW8 work with 64 bit systems?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dale A. Brueggemann View Post
    Anything by Scott Kelby is fantastic on the Lightroom or Photoshop. And you'll be surprise to read at the end of his "Acknowledgements" phrasing that goes something like this: "Most importantly, I want to thank God, and His son Jesus Christ,... for always being there when I need him, for blessing me with a wonderful, fulfilling, ad happy life...."
    Through Layers Magazine I'm very familiar with Scott Kelby's name. Given his "Acknowledgments" phrasing, I'll go and take a much closer look at his books in particular.

    ["3. 2. 1. Cue off topic now!"] These exact same acknowledgments are one reason why I like Diego "The Nightmare" Sanchez so much.

    Everytime he wins, he locks eyes straight into the camera and says the same kind of things. Therefore, given the many, many and jump-to-your-feet-spectacular wins, the MMA loving world [which just so happens to be the fastest growing sport btw] has heard Jesus' name praised quite often. FYI and 'cause I love "off topics." It's not a competition with me. These are the wonderful and colorful parts of our multifaceted, non-monotonous God-given lives.
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