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Thread: Hebrew accent bug?

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    Default Hebrew accent bug?

    If I select more than one WTT verse (i.e., all of Gen 12), then hit "X" to turn off (or on) Hebrew accents, the Browse Window defaults to the first verse of that range (i.e., Gen 12:1) instead of keeping the original range.

    Intentional feature or incidental bug? Pardon me if I've missed any previous discussion of this.

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    I don't know if it is a bug or not, but this is the way the verse history function of BibleWorks has worked for many years. The verse history list does not remember strings of verses, only the first verse. So if BibleWorks does any function which requires it to go back to the verse history list, it displays only the one verse. I don't know if this can be changed by the programmers or not.
    Mark Eddy

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