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So, Dr. James Price was on the BW forum? I am sure you did have some great discussions. You can find his book on syntax here(link).
Brian, that looks like a great book. But, at $119.95, ouch!

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Have you read any of the works by Rav Mordechai Breuer(of blessed memory), Aaron Dotan, or Joshua R. Jacobson's Chanting the Hebrew Bible?
I've got Jacobson's book. Great resource.

You know, I was a Torah reader in several synagogues in my previous life (No, I don't believe in reincarnation; just a figure of speech). I was a 'Ba'al qore'' (Torah Reader) for 15 years from the age of 13 (Bar Mitzvah) until I was 28. The Massoretic accents are a lot of fun. I don't think most people realize the extent to which they help us in exegesis. There are verses whose sense would be rendered completely differently by translators were it not for the Massoretic accents. They are akin to our English punctuation. That said, I'm not arguing for their inspiration; clearly, only the consonantal text of the Hebrew Bible is inspired. Nevertheless, they are helpful for interpretation.