I hope this is the appropriate place to post this. If it is not please write it off to a "newbie." My question is this: Is there any way of obtaining Ginsburg's text as a module for Bibleworks. I love my Bibleworks, but there is a void in in it as I see it without this text. May I say without meaning to impose my values on anyone else, I use the Textus Receptus as my "base text" in which I work off of for textual criticism and other exegesis. This is a conscience issue for me. In the N.T., I can use the "Text Comparison" tool to inform myself of variations between the texts as I research. I have nothing like that for the OT. By way of total disclosure, I know I could use the books (I have one), but I don't have the experience (nor the time to learn) textual apparatuses. It is so much easier just to set the comparison tool that notifies me if some additional research is needed. I know there has been some talk on these threads about the massorah, and although that would be tremendous to have, I would just be satisfied to have Ginburg's text. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.