I've been using BW since 3.5 and I have always had my text and analysis on the left and my command line and search results on the right. I can't find a way to make this happen in BW8. Plus, I can't find a way to put my command line below the search results. I'm extremely unhappy about this!

I use BW *every day.* This completely changes the way I personally interface with the data. My habits of use I have drilled into my head over the past 11 years. Why take away this option? I have been SO frustrated by this! I'm giving myself headaches because I am constantly looking at the wrong part of the screen, and then having to reorient myself. BW used to be the first reference I checked, but now avoid it like the plague.

Plus, customer support has never returned my phone calls or emails. My loyalty is wavering. And where my loyalty goes, my department's budget is soon to follow.