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    I'm despairing of finding an electronic version of this neglected translation, and am thinking of simply converting Proverbs for myself. But the instructions defeat me. So I ask our resident Brain Trust, if you would, to tell me:

    1. Is there a freeware text-conversion program, that I can use with my scanner?
    2. Barring that, how should I type it? Word? Text-file?
    3. How to handle footnotes?
    4. Can anyone break down, as for an idiwthj, how to compile/convert/whatever it so I can use it in BW?


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    Hey Dan,

    This sounds like a cool project: but from a tech standpoint, way, way, way out of my idiwthj-league.

    My suggestion would be to PM pasquale. I could be wrong, but I think this is one of his many fortes.

    Just a thought.

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    I have no help on OCRing the text, but once you have it, making an actual version really isn't that difficult. I'm not sure I can do a better job of explaining it than the Help chapter within BibleWorks. Essentially you have one verse per line

    Gen 1:1 in the beginning...
    Gen 1:2 some stuff happened
    Gen 1:3 and it was good.

    The HTML help will tell you what characters you have to use to get notes, etc. and then when you compile you have to make sure you compile with footnotes allowed in the DDF.

    The best place to begin is just make a sample verse or two and play around with compiling and re-compiling it doing different things to the text. You'll learn most when you put your hands to the task and I guarantee you won't wreck anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hanel View Post
    I have no help on OCRing the text, ...
    If you're running windows, it comes with some OCR software already installed. Go to your control panel and check for "Scanners and Cameras."

    My scanner is currently not working. But when I scanned something for my dad awhile back, this windows pre-installed OCR software worked pretty good. Plus, I think my scanner came with a program disc that had it's OCR software included. When scanning, I was prompted via a dialog box to choose between the two. So Dan, you may actually have two OCR software programs already installed.

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    Thanks, guys! I'll check it out, and try to get back to you. If I have anything with which to get back... with... to you.....

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