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I have never programmed a MS Word Macro and can't quite figure out how to change the assigned colors. Will please you point me in the right direction?
Hi there. No need to program - the colors are just Word styles. But you need to edit greek.dotm directly, so if you've got it in the STARTUP folder, move it out and restart Word so that the template isn't automatically loaded as an add-in. Then open greek.dotm in Word like opening a normal document (don't double-click it from Explorer - you need to actually open it from Word).
Now on the ribbon bar, click on the little arrow at the bottom right of the 'Styles' group, which should give you a drop-down list of Styles. At the bottom of this list is a 'Manage Styles' button - hit that, and the list of styles comes up with a 'Modify' button at the bottom. Just choose the style whose colour you want to change, hit 'Modify', and change the colour etc.
Save the file when you're done, close it, and move it back into the STARTUP folder and re-start word. Now you should get the new colours.