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Thread: How to backup favorites?

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    Default How to backup favorites?

    I have installed BW8 and made my favorite settings. Where are they stored and what files must be saved?

    Roel Schipper

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    Quote Originally Posted by roel schipper View Post
    I have installed BW8 and made my favorite settings. Where are they stored and what files must be saved?

    Roel Schipper
    The Search/Display and the Parallel Versions favorites are stored in the BW800.ini file in the BibleWorks 8-directory. Many other settings are stored in this file as well.

    For other files, see the Help file:

    Backing Up Files

    It is always a good idea to do full system backup before installing major programs. If you choose not to do this you should at least be careful to backup all files from previous installations of BibleWorks that you might want to keep. These include:

    Timeline Files (*.era and .tl)
    GSE Searches (*.qf)
    Verse List Files (*.vls)
    Word List Files (*.iel)
    Note Files (*.bww and *.rtf)
    Book Name Alias Files (*.bna, *.bnb, and books.dat for 4.0 installations)
    Book sort order files (*.bso)
    Cross-reference files (*.xrd)
    Synopsis Files (*.sdf)
    Database Definition Files (*.ddf)
    Custom Verse Mapping Files (*.vmf, *.vmc)
    Font Mapping Files (*.fmp, *.map)
    Color Files (*.clr)
    Diagrammer File (*.dgm)
    Context files (*.swc)
    Ermie files (*erd)
    Flashcard files (*.vrc, *.vrt)

    As a safety precaution, if you attempt to install BibleWorks in a directory containing a previous installation of BibleWorks you will be warned that some user-defined files may be overwritten or deleted. You will be offered the option of having the files backed up by the installation program. You can also exit the Setup Program and check yourself for files that you may want to keep, or you can proceed with the installation.
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    Default Saving Favorites

    Some people have had problems with settings sticking, but the first thing to do is to make sure BW is configured to save setup setting on exit.
    From the Menu bar select tools
    Options should be the last selection on the list
    In the options dialog select flags under the general heading
    Open the section for shutdown options
    Make sure that save setup options on exit is checked
    You can also make a copy of the bw800.ini file in your bibleworks directory by copying it to a safe place. Hope this helps you.
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